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Home >> Yunnan Provincial Museum

Yunnan Provincial Museum

Yunnan Provincial MuseumYunnan Provincial Museum is a comprehensive museum, founded in 1951. The museum following the existing nine departments, namely: responsible for holding the collection and protection of the storage section; social commitment to the public presentation of the Ministry of Education to promote its museum exhibitions; competent cultural relics collection of identification and identification station; editing and publishing Museum Journal Yunnan Heritage and a collector of books and information and so on.

Since the hall, through the archaeological survey collection, social acquisitions and donations, etc., it has a collection of bronzes, ancient coins, pottery, ancient paintings, monument stickers, stamps and various kinds of handicrafts total of more than 200,000, Yunnan Province largest collection of artifacts museum. Where the famous copper cattle tiger case the Warring States period, the Western Han Dynasty four cattle knight copper gilt shell containers, the North Song Guoxi Mountains and Streams Dali country during the golden statue of Guanyin A lofty yeah, Dali period Garuda, and so on.

The basic display of the museum is the slave Yunnan historical displays featuring Yunnan Bronze Age more than 800 pieces of cultural relics, describes the distribution of Yunnan bronze culture, class relations, social production activities, spiritual culture and customs and so on. Heritage of Yunnan Minority Minority display more than 3,000 pieces of cultural relics. Special display of primitive society Yunnan, Yunnan slave, Yunnan modern history, Red Army crossed Yunnan history and so on. The museum also held a from ape to man, ancient ceramics, ancient painting, dozens of exhibitions.

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