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Home >> Qingping Cave trips and travel guide

Qingping Cave

Qingping CaveQingping hole in Shidian County Yao town off outside Shanxi Lu turtles, the Ming Dynasty patriotic general Deng Zilong that provision. Where small, building small, but beautiful scenery and numerous cultural, historical value is a resort. In ancient times, Yao Guan is a military town. Now after the hillside town there are several hundred meters long, uneven soil walls. Under Wu Yi village on the eastern side of town, leaving will be Taiwan. Yao is now marketing cooperatives Town area, South Gate of the original site, the local people still used as a boundary, said outside the city.

He stepped out of about a hundred meters south of the village, at the foot of the Turtle Creek has a stone bridge, called nail bridge. When the soldiers stationed here, here often wash armor shirt. After about half a mile across the bridge on to the Qingping hole. I saw along the slope to the river, a wall of course, in a open arch, next to a couplet: Mid-half of the lake is the attraction here, a hole in a share where to seek Taoyuan. Banners Shuiyuedongtian. Eight on the left slope, is mind-shirts Ancestral Hall pavilion. Pavilion to protect the monument built. Some of the writing is not very clear inscription. 2.05 m high monument, 0.9 meters wide, straight italics book, a total of 33 lines, the first four acts monument name, author, book Dan, fragrance sales names, the last line in mind years. 28 text lines, the full text of about 2400 words, written out to Deng Zilong put down civil strife, defeated foreign invaders, maintain the integrity of the exploits of the national territory, gallant memory of martyred soldiers.

In addition to Qingping Outside, Yao off nearby, as well as the remains of many Deng Zilong. South of the village of the air holes, engraved with Deng Zilong two poems; on the north four miles off Yao Wan Ren Gang, stand like a wall of rock, engraved with Deng Zilong, September 9 Gordon climbed Kong, a poem, full of things frustrations. Desolate pathos of love; not far from the poem engraved, engraved with open this universe, the word, straight block letters book, signed Tiger crown. Gang Deng Zilong original item has a disarmament, demobilization and Pavilion, now with only a broken tile debris, Gangtou become Yamada. During the off Yao Deng Zilong, who built on the ground in Baoshan Nine Dragons Zhuo Ying Pavilion, and a joint book says: battle back, win Binbian hair; armed forces dispersed, the Remaining on the lake Castle. Things hardships, how much emotion sink in his writings; champion was trapped, an inexplicable sadness condensate in the Union. Deep subtle, people chew endless. It has been popular for hundreds of years.

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