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Home >> Daluo Forest Park

Daluo Forest Park

Daluo Forest ParkLuo Senlin park playing with Myanmar Shan State Special Region bordering face Dai Village, backed by Jiang Liu, and daluo Street across the river, to the development of the new district and cross-border travel must pass through. Driving through Daluo River Bridge, with tourist attractions in Yunnan Xishuangbanna Dai temple featuring the garden gate will be displayed in front of people. Parking Gate Park's Visitor Reception, Piyou wide parking area, has beautiful scenery, quiet and comfortable accommodation, recreational facilities for visitors to rest, entertainment and overnight.

The main attractions are within a landscape park; tropical forests, one tree forest, jungle watchtower Forest Zoo, rubber plantations, tropical orchards, Lover 's Valley, site of the anti-Japanese China Expeditionary Force, Quest border, border galleries, cross border raft rafting, beach recreation yard, national campfire, Valentine island sunbathing, Liusuo Stagecoach, Tebo district jungle shootout, tracing the original village. Folk activities: splashing water on the river, Dai woman bathing, swimming and fishing in the river, folk dance performances, participate 3STEP, pull Meng dance, dance and group dance of unity, swing, packet loss, put soaring, put holes gall lights, race boat, catch the pendulum fairs, Forest never sleeps, folklore exhibitions. Playing Luosen Lin Park landscape rich ethnic customs gloomy, solitary boundary exotic, ethnic and cultural life more night called a must, New Year every day, every night to catch the swing, visitors all blown away.

Happy Songkran with that beautiful legend, does not belong to the Dai ethnic. Whenever the Dai New Year, Blang Xishuangbanna and Dehong De'ang, Achang, all together celebrate together, hold Songkran activities. Domestic and foreign tourists are also very fond of and longing for the colorful event and, therefore, were eager to learn and are familiar with the Dai splashing customs. The popular Chinese and foreign national holiday has its original appearance and history. Especially in the Xishuangbanna Dai Park, the festival of colors and traditional folk atmosphere.

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