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Home >> Mange Buddhist Temples sightseeing guide

Mange Buddhist Temples

Mange Buddhist TemplesMan Pavilion temple Dai language called depression Man Club, which means the center of Buddhist temples. Jinghong City, the oldest Buddhist temple building, located north of the Lancang River Bridge, close to the river bank near Cayman Club zhaili. Surrounded by blocks of Daijiazhulou and Bodhi, mango, betel nut and other tall broadleaf surrounded by typical Theravada Theravada Buddhist temple, the temple is one of Xishuangbanna. Monastery was built in 1477, 1 km west of the site at the hospital site.

Man Pavilion temple blazed the trail is Hu Baa collar. The main building has permitted existing Buddhism, drum room, a monk's cell, ring church door pavilion, promenade, most of the Ming Dynasty (1598) built the monastery finishing last expansion in 1980 after the reform and opening up. Around the temple, Fengweizhu graceful whirling of tall trees Tingtingyuli Ma Court, linden, mango trees, nut trees and Myanmar Osmanthus, bell flowers, morning glory and other exotic flowers and wooden cross with trees, make this temple the majestic and somewhat delicate.

Magnificent temple architecture. Temple 16 toon wood columns, large support from Dai-style roof; temple eaves stands 16 carved white elephant. The entire temple, both beams or brackets, all with tongue contact, not a nail or a rivet, handsome in appearance. Enter the temple gate, you can see a four meters tall, Pa called (Buddha) statue standing Buddha in the temple-right seat. Temple roof and walls painted Seiko dragon, white elephant, fairy, phoenix and peacock design life; Meike beam color streamers hanging with a strip, and myths embroidered symbol of good luck on the color patterns of various animals banner , colorful, dazzling. Past the temple has been treasured by many volumes Bayeux Dai language, culture and art is the crystallization of the Dai people.

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