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Erhai Park

Erhai park DaliErhai Lake Park is located at Tuanshan Mountain the southern-most end of the lake, 2.5km away from Xianguan. It was once a lonely miniature peninsular on the lake and a royal deer ranch of the Nanzhao Kingdom, covering an area of more than 15, 000 mu. The Mountain slopes are cocooned in luxuriant pines and cypresses and grass, and embroidered with clusters of camellias, azaleas, primrose, and exotic trees and flowers which can be found only in and around Dali. On the top are the Observation Pavilion and the Long Corridor, where you will have a pleasant view of the jade-like Erhai Lake dotted with sails here and there and the silvery Cangshan Mountain.

Erhai park DaliErhai Park that exists today was built in 1976 and includes an arboretum (with camellia, azalea and rare snow lotus), a zoo, a children's playground, and a public swimming pool. Winding paths weave through the hills in the park. The spot best for a good view of the Lake from the park is Guanertai, a pagoda that overlooks the surrounding scenery.

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