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Jizu Mountain

Jizu Mountain
Jizu Mountain, Dali
Jizu Mountain, Yunnan Chin

At the top of the jagged peak of Jizu Mountain that is covered by a dense forest sits a striking tall white pagoda called Lengyan Pagoda. It is beautiful ancient temple with 13 stories, and was first built about a thousand years ago. The peak is about 3,250 meters (10,660 feet) high, and the pagoda adds another 42 meters (137 feet). The peak is the highest peak on the mountain, and the almost vertical cliff mounting up from the deep valley to the pagoda at the top is a striking sight. The sights from the second floor of the temple is said to be beautiful, especially at sunrise and sunset. You can see Lake Erhai and the Cangshan Peaks, and you may even see the city of Dali. The mountain is covered by dense forests and bamboo, and it has several other high peaks, shorter peaks, dozens of caves, temples, temple ruins, and other places to hike to, but hiking on the peaks is strenuous and a little dangerous. But a road goes about two thirds of the way up the peak, and there is cable car to the peak. By visiting this area, you'll see ruins and ornate religious architecture built over the millennia and enjoy beautiful views and good hiking in a non-touristy place where few foreigners hike in.

The mountain used to have many Taoist and Buddhist temples, but many were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. It is one of China's famous Buddhist and Taoist mountains. The area isn't touristy, but Buddhists come here to worship. And the high peaks have paths that are strenuous to climb, but you'll find some solitude. There are accommodations at the peak itself and halfway up the mountain. Jinding (Gold Peak) monastery where Lengyan Pagoda is located has rooms for accommodation for hikers.

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