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Pagoda In Hongshengsi Monastery

Pagoda in Hongshengsi Monastery DaliHongshengsi Pagoda is also called the Mono-agoda and is located in Hongshengsi Temple, southwest of Dali. It coordinates with the Three Pagodas of Chongshengsi Monastery from afar, and is one of the famous Tang pagodas in Yunnan.

It is a square and close-eaved brick pagoda of 16 tiers and height of 46 metres. There are two entrances and two stairs on both sides of its basement, leading to the top. Each tier of the pagoda has double eaves with upturned cornices on the four corners. From the second to the fifteen tier, there are niches on each side and every niche contains an image of Buddha. The entire pagoda looks elegant, and is in the shape of a parabola. No data of the exact date of its construction is available, but judging from the shape and inscriptions, the time of its construction should fall on the late period of the Tang Dynasty. During thejiajing era (1522-1566), the first renovation took place. The latest renovation was made in 1981; some important historical relics were discovered, such as bronze images of Buddha, bricks with inscriptions in Sanskrit and Chinese characters were found.

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