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Shibao Mountain

Dali Shibao MountainIn the southwest of Jianchuan County, 25km away, Jianchuan Shibao Mountain covers an area of 20 li, including Baoding Mountain, Shisan Mountain, Shizhong Mountain. In the mountain there are dense forests and flowing streams, which makes a beautiful picture. And Shibao Mountain is composed of three larges scenic spots¡ªthe Haiyun Temple, the Baoxiang Temple, the Shizhong (Stone Bell) Temple.

Standing at the northern foot of Shibao Mountain and inside the gate of Shibao Mountain, the Haiyun Temple with typical feature of some nationality, is the first temple on the way. There is a woodcut couplet and with a horizontal plaque saying "cloud and mountain in sight", which tell the position of the temple and its quiet surroundings. Along the Shibao Mountain Road, the Baoxiang Temple, hidden in the deep valley, is composed of stone torii, the Hall of Maitreya, the Yuhuang Pavilion, the Six-angle Pavilion, the Hall of Kwan-yin, the Hall of Jade Pool, all of which were surprisingly built on the mouth of cliffs, just like hanging in the sky. Xu Xiake described them in his Travels. The Baoxiang Temple was built in late Song Dynasty. And it was rebuilt and repaired during the past dynasties. In the Temple, there are 8 beautiful landscapes: the temple in the dense forest, ancient bridge and stone torii, bird's singing in the quiet valley, the pavilion on the cliff, the flowing fall like a curtain, sun set on the cliff, rare stone and spring and red leaves like flowers. On the top of the mountain, there was built the Golden Top Temple, to which there are thousands of steps from the bottom of the valley. At the Golden Top, the distant view of Jianhai and the nearby view of the Baoxiang Temple can be seen. It can be proved by the ancient people's poem¡£

Shibao Mountain DaliTo the southeast of the Baoxiang Temple is the scenic spot of the Shizhong Temple (Stone Bell Temple), whose name is given according to the name of the mountain, Shizhong Mountain (Stone Bell Mountain), which is named as the Mountain is like a huge bell. The Shizhong Temple is well-known for its stone grottos. There are altogether 16 stone grottos, among which 8 are in the Shizhong Temple, 3 in Shiziguan and 5 in Sadeng Village. The stone images in the grottos are mainly based on the figures of Buddhism and historical ones of Nanzhao State, which are vivid and of unique regional characters. In 1961, it was listed one of state historical and cultural relics by the State Department.

Shibao Mountain is one of famous scenic spots in Yunnan, so tourists of different dynasties came here, for example, Li Yuanyang of Ming Dynasty (Records of Traveling in Shibao Mountain). Yang Sheng'an described it in his poem "Poem on Chinese flowering crab-apple in the Xingjiao Temple"¡£

During the Shibao Mountain Temple Fair in the late of July or early of August (lunar calendar), Bai people from several counties around Jianchua came here to have a song competition and therefore, a lot of tourists also came.

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