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Home >> Yunnan Travel Guide >> Honghe Hani and Yi Nationalities Autonomous Prefecture

Honghe Hani and Yi Nationalities Autonomous Prefecture

Honghe, Yunnan, ChinaThe full name of Honghe is the Honghe Autonomous Prefecture of Hani and Yi Nationalities. It gets the name because the Honghe River (Red River) flows from the west to the east across the prefecture. Honghe is located in the south of Yunnan province. It's nearly 300 kilometers to the north of Kunming , the capital city of Yunnan province. It borders on Vietnam in the south with a borderline of more than 800 kilometers. There are 9 ethnic minorities in the prefecture. Among them, the Hani Nationality is one of the characteristic ethnic minorities. The Yi nationality has the smallest population in the prefecture.

Honghe Prefecture is one of the places with abundant tourist resources in Yunnan province. Tropical rainforest, karst formations, plateau, lakes, gorges, ¡°clouds sea¡±phenomenon and tiers of terraced fields form its unique tourist attractions. It is like a fairyland and a wonder in South China. The terraced fields are encompassed by mist and cloud. They look like the ladders to the paradise. Honghe is a magical and beautiful gem inset in the southern frontier of China.

Although the Honghe prefecture is located in the southern frontier of China, it has been deeply influenced by the culture of the Central Plains since ancient times. A lot of famous human and historic landscapes have formed here. In addition, these landscapes have a rich connotation and special style. They blend perfectly with the culture of the Central Plains together. All these landscapes offer the best scenery in Yunnan.

Two Major cities of Honghe:
1. Jianshui, 2. Yuanyang

Jianshui Travel Attractions

Zhu family's Garden
Zhilin Monastery
Swallow Grotto
Twin Dragons Bridge
Confucian Temple
Chaoyang Gate Tower
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