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Kunming Country Golf Club

Kunming Country Golf Club, Yunnan tour Kunming travel China tripKunming Country Golf Club, this 18 holes 72 par 7000 yards course is designed by the famous designer Mr. Les Watts from Australia, covers an area of over 1300 mu in Luoyang, chenggong county.

Kunming Country Golf Club is surrounded by beautiful landscape and fresh air which is only about 20 minutes' drive from downtown Kunming. Another 70km away is the Stone Forest scenic region. The course sweeps up and down the high lands among all year flourishing flowers and jungle-lined fairways. The wildly different fairways offer golfers a diversity of golf experiences. It is certainly the golfing paradise in China.

The turf Putter on the green and turf Bermuda 419 on the fairway make the curse evergreen and achieve the international standard. Jurrounded by the beautiful landscape and fresh air, the course is located near the Anshi highway, about 20 minutes drive, 14km from downtown. Go ahead 70 kilometers away is the Stone Forest, Jiuxiang scenic region.

Kunming Country Golf, Yunnan travel Kunming tour China tripThe 7,000 yards golf course sweeps up and down the high lands among all year flourishing flowers and jungle-lined fairways, with four par5 holes, four par3 holes and ten par4 holes. Such wildly different fairways offer you a diversity of golf experiences.

Kunming Country Golf Club located 14KM on Shi-An high way. Only 20 minutes to the city proper and Kunming airport.

Kunming Country Golf Club owns a perfect location with a convenient transportation. The club house, teeniest as well as the swimming poor and other well-designed facilities would certain to give you a world-class enjoyment.70KM away stayed the would-famous Stone forest scenic spot.

It's a nice place to get away from the urban sprawl.

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