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Yunnan Nationalities Villages

Yunnan Nationalities Villages, Yunnan tour Kunming travel China tripLying to the north of Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Nationalities Village is the epitome of the customs and cultures of Yunnan. Various styles of small villages scatter around the area with distinctive features. It is not only an ideal place to spend your vacation, but also a good place to experience the beauty and variety of Yunnan Province.

Over 25 minorities of Ethnical villages including Yi, Dai, Miao, Jingpo, Wa, Hani, Naxi, Dulong etc. have been built here. Through ways of display and recreation of the original villages, Yunnan Nationalities Villages present the diverse local ethnical culture. Villages of different styles are well arranged and show visitors their unique charm. Displaying the variety of buildings, lifestyles, religious belief in this region, the villages are microcosm of Yunan's colorful and diverse ethnical culture.

Yunnan Nationalities Villages, China travel Yunnan tour Kunming tripBeing newly built in 1992, the Yunnan Nationalities Village ted six kilometers south of Kunming, the Yunnan Nationalities Village is a 2000-mu affair boarded on the south of Dianchi Lake and to the west of the famous Western Hills scenic Area. This wonderful theme park displays the colorful folklore and architectures of 25 ethnic groups in Yunnan Province through shows and performances, a folklore museum and a wax museum for folklore, as well as the copy buildings of villages of the 25 ethnic groups. Each of the 25 ethnic people of Yunnan will have a village built on the premises, and there will also be a square symbolizing unity among various ethnic groups, a theatre for the performance of ethnic songs and dances, a folklore museum of ethnic waxworks.

Yunnan Nationalities Villages, Yunnan travel Kunming tour China tripIn the Yunnan Nationalities Villages, visitors can enjoy not only variety of architecture arts, clothing, remarkable custom, also ethnical shows of songs and dance. Trying the fantastic food and purchasing some lovely souvenirs to bring home also provide a memorable experience. Some traditional festivals of these ethnical groups are held here including the Sanyuejie Festival of the Bai people, Splashing Water festival of Dai, Torch Festival of Yi and Three Flowers festival of Naxi People and much more.



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Yunnan Nationalities Villages
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