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Lijiang Tour

Situated in the northwestern portion of Yunnan Province and the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, Lijiang is a lively area mostly inhabited by the ethnic Naxi people. The population of Lijiang is made up of the Naxi, Miao, Hui, Bai, Lisu, Pumi, Yi, Tibetan, Han and other ethnic groups. Among them, the Naxi people constitute nearly 60% of the total.
Owing to its high elevation and low latitude, Lijiang experiences a mild subtropical highland climate and has abundant sunshine all year round. The annual mean temperature ranges from 12.6 C to 9.9 C.

Lijiang has the best-preserved ancient town in China - the Dayan Town which has been listed in the World Cultural Heritages by UNESCO in 1997. The Dayan Town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges, it was once the center of ancient "Naxi Kingdom" and still maintains the original flavor of the local lifestyle, the typical groups of buildings and the profound cultural heritage of the region. When wandering along Square Street or any other streets in the Old Town, you will be struck by the peaceful surroundings.

Lijiang is the paradise for intrepid photographers and hikers due to its magnificent natural landscape that nature gives. Consisting of 13 peaks, with an altitude of 5,596 meters, the thirteen peaks of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain flies in the sky like a dragon of glittering and translucent jade. About 100 kilometers northwest of Lijiang lying between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain is Tiger Leaping Gorge, with a depth of 3,900 meters, it is one of the deepest gorge in the world. 200 kilometers to the north of Lijiang, lies the Lugu Lake, the lake is like a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the northwest plateau in Yunnan. Its shores are the habitat of the Mosuo people who live there form a matriarchal society. Up to now the Mosuo people still keep their unique marriage custom. Instead of taking a husband, Mosuo women only allow their lovers called "Axia" at night, the men must leave and to work in their mother's household the next morning. Neither of them is a member of each other's family. Children are brought up by women her brothers, and use the surname of their mothers. The "walking marriages" and "woman's kingdom" adds mystique to Lijiang.

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