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Home >> Yunnan Travel Guide >> Lijiang Travel Guide >> Attractions >> Dayanzhen Ancient Town

Dayanzhen, the Ancient Town of Lijiang

Lijiang Ancient TownDayan Ancient Town is a wonderful place which worth for a visit. Similar to the ancient town of Athens and Paris, this peaceful land has been listed as one of the World's Historic and Cultural Ancient Town. The town is gracefully located on the foot of Yulongshan (Jade Dragon Mountain) at the northwestern side of Yunnan Province about 2400 meters above sea level. It is believed that the ancient town was constructed in the late Song Dynasty, which is about 800 years ago.
Dayan Ancient Town is well known as an ancient town without city wall. Clean and narrow paths constructed by green stones, wooden structure houses that wholly handmade, bridges and flowing rivers have made up of this civilized town. When you are here, you will always find people strolling slowly along the paths under sunshine. Try to imagine that, what a wonderful life!
As the town was built in the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty, it has been graded as national key scenic area. The ancient town was designed with in a square shaped center and spread outwards like a spider web. It is the most scientific ancient architecture group of China. Some researchers of ancient architecture believe that the history of Lijiang Dayan Ancient Town is even few hundred years earlier than the famous ancient town of England which well known as the city model of the world.
The Square Street which used to be the gathering point of businessmen from various countries was the center of the ancient town. There are many ways to reach this point from all directions. Even through the street is busy all day long, when night falls it will soon put on serene cloth and suitable for a stroll under moonlit.

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