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Dongba Culture

Dongba Culture, LijiangFounded in 1984, Dongba Culture Museum situates on the north side of Black Dragon Pool, a famous scenic spot around Lijiang City. The museum has a collection of over 10,000 antique items that are great in cultural and historical value, including 42 items at national level and more than 2,500 items as Dongba cultural relics. It is the biggest cultural relic museum for Dongba.

The major attractiveness of Dongba Culture Museum is the arch Naxi Courtyard that has taken the best advantages of the mountain and waters surrounding it. The museum itself accompanied by the water coming from Jade Spring and natural landscape of Xiangshan Mountain displays from north to south, the traditional architectural designs of various periods, such as ancient caves, nest buildings, wigwams, wood cribs, and the modern Naxi buildings. Meanwhile, also on display in various exhibiting rooms are the folk custom items that reflects the Naxi wit and intelligence ever since. There are also many rituals as ¡°sacrifice to heaven¡±, ¡°sacrifice to wind¡± in the museum which re-creates and perform the Dongba religious rituals for all the audience.

Established as the main exhibition place for Dongba Culture, the museum has hosted exhibitions under a whole variety of themes over the years such as Lijiang Ancient Town Exhibition etc. Here the tourists can also enjoy the introductions about Dongba cultural paintings and characters, Tanakh painting and instruments for religious events, items from ancient manufacturing and household items. Dongba Culture Museum is keen to embracing the world outside and nurturing the friendly relationships with museums in Canada and Switzerland, and has successfully held Open-ground Dongba Naxi Culture Exhibitions in Switzerland, Canada and some other countries.

Dongba Culture Museum combines the traditional close display with modern open display, making people get closer to the century-long delicate traditional culture of Naxi. At this museum, tourists can taste the flavor of the Dongba culture by getting in sight a vivid picture of various kinds of Naxi traditional buildings of different times and Naxi people holding events and religious ceremonies. It is also the museum that comprehensively reveals the nature of all local ethnic minorities in Lijiang, their history, their culture, the art and tradition.

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