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Lashihai Lake

Lijiang Lashihai LakeLashihai is located 8 kilometers west of Lijiang County, pulling the central city of dam, is the first one in Yunnan Province in order to "wet land" named a nature reserve.

¡¡¡¡Lashihai actually fault structures Lake, at the same time formed by the limestone dissolution tectonism. Surface water into the lake has fresh water river and north of the south side of the beauty of spring cr. Wenhui water area of 265.6 square kilometers of water, the lake of the original escape from the northwest side of the cave. In the past, a significant seasonal variation of the lake, the rainy season the water level high, the largest storage capacity 180 million cubic meters, surface 9 square kilometers in water depths of up to 9 meters; the dry season the water level fell, even drying up. Since the 80's, building water conservancy projects have, in La Shuidong before the build of a tall dam, the sea is no longer free to flow to go, but from Haidong Huang Shan posts get through the water tunnel, into the Lijiang city.Lashihai lake from the season to maintain a certain level into a plateau of lakes, such as the mirror of the lake reflected upside the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, wintering waterfowl habitat Enron, or among the white clouds hovering in the sky to form the unique atmosphere of highland wetlands.

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