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Naxi Classical Music

Naxi Music Lijiang
Naxi Classical Music

Naxi ancient music is believed to have its roots in Xian ancient music. However, Naxi ancient music, with its mixture of literary lyrics, poetic topics, and musical styles from the Tang (618-907) and Song dynasties (960-1279), as well as some Tibetan influences, has developed its unique style.

Interestingly, the music from Central China has been well preserved in Naxi ancient music as a result of the Naxi's geographical isolation, while the music directly from Central China was lost, as the inland was transformed many times during China's changing history. As a result, Naxi music boasts itself as a "living fossil of music."

It can be performed in two ways - sitting or walking. Seated performances are a kind of chamber music that involves more than 20 musical instruments , including wind instruments, such as the di zi, sheng (a kind of reed pipe wind instrument), and guan zi, and percussion instruments, such as the zuo gu (sitting drum), war drum, du gu (single drum), big and small cymbals, big gongs, a slit drum, and so on.

Naxi ancient music represents the crystallization of several musical cultures, including "baisha fine music" (baisha xiyue), "dong jing music," and the now-extinct "huang jing music."


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