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Luoping, Qujing tour Yunnan travel Kunming tours
Luoping, Qujing travel Yunnan tour Kunming tours
Luoping, Qujing tours Yunnan travel Kunming tour
Luoping, Yunnan travel Qujing tour Kunming tours
Luoping, Yunnan tour Qujing travel Kunming tours

The bright pearl in east Yunnan--Luoping, It's in east of Yunnan, combine Yunnan with Guizhou and guanxi Province, east longitude 103?7¡ä-104?3¡ä, north latitude 24?1¡ä-25?5¡ä. Luoping and Xingyi along the banks of the Nangpangjiang River and the Qingshuijiang River in eastsouth of Luoping county, besides of shizong county in eastsouth of Luoping, besides of Luliang county¡¢Fuyan county ¡¢Qujing city in the northwest.133 KM at a distance from Qujing in north, 86 KM at a distance from Xingyi city and Shangjiangkou. Luoping have a special geograpthical position, it is called "the East Door of Yunnan" and "the Key of Yunnan and Guizhou province".
Lying at the source of the torrential Pearl River, at the southern foot of the Majestic Wumeng Mountain and at the convergence of Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou, Luoping is a mysterious land of picturesque scenery. It's enthralling beauty is such that Xu Xiake, the great traveler in the Ming Dynasty, couldn't tear himself away from it after spending dozens of days here. Everything here--the mountains, the rivers, the ethnic customs - all makes a scene of special flavor.
It doesn't matter whether you know Luoping's geographical importance; it also doesn't matter whether you know that as early as the Old Stone Age there had been human activities in Luoping. There is only one thing you mustn't miss--the indescribable beauty of this land. The minute you set foot on this land, you will begin a trip into a dreamlike world and be immersed in a gallery of unspoiled beauty. It is small wonder that Xu Xiake described Luoping as one of the few most picturesque places he had ever been to in his book.
The breath-taking sights in the county are so many that it will daunt any writer to describe them all. One of the most celebrated sight is the magnificent Jiulong Cascades. Standing on the belvedere, one will take in ten cascades at one sight. Each of them displays a beauty of its own. The Duoyi River is praised for its crystal water and flower-carpeted banks. The Three Gorges on the Lubuge Reservoir are surrounded by heaven-kissing mountains and steep precipices. The 200,000 mu of rape flowers glitters like gold and fills the air with fragrance. Visitors who have been to the county describe their impression of Luoping to the effect that the beauty of Luoping integrates the gracefulness of the natural scenery in Guilin, the exotic flavor of Xishuangbanna, the tranquillity of Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan and the grandeur of the Huangguoshu Waterfalls in Guizhou.
Experts in tourism from Beijing said with admiration, " Luoping has the best scenery in east Yunnan." After his inspection in Luoping, Professor Hans Fischer, dean of Geography Department of Vienna University, Austria, couldn't control his emotion and wrote, " ...very romantic cone-shaped karst, marvelous calcific cascades, a land of extraordinary natural beauty..." Seeing is believing. The moment you enter this fascinating land, you'll quickly be carried away by this natural fairyland.

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