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Xishuangbanna Arboretum Of Tropical Plants

China travel to Yunnan Xishuangbanna Arboretum Of Tropical Plants
Kunming tour to China Xishuangbanna Arboretum Of Tropical Plants in Jinhong
Yunnan tour trip to China Xishuangbanna Arboretum Of Tropical Plants

The Menglun Botanical Garden, covering 130 hectares on the Hulu Island on the Luosuo River, and situated 95 kilometers to the northwest of mengla County, is the site of the Yunnan Provincial Tropical Plant Research Institute. More than 3000 varieties of tropical cash plants, wild plants and ornamental plants are grown in the park's 12 special zones, 1700 of them are native tropical plants, including Maytenus horkeri, a precious tree whose leaves can be used to treat cancer patients. In the dense forests there are experimental afforestation centres. The space of the garden is divided into five layers to make room for a rich varity of plants growing in different spaces. Having achieved more than 120 periodical results in the development, utlization, domestication and planting of plants, the garden has become China's centre for the study of tropical plants, it has one of the world's few collections of tropical and subtropical plants from different parts of the globe. It is also a popular tourist resort.

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