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Wild Elephants Valley

Xishuangbanna tour to Wild Elephants Valley, China Yunnan Travel tripWild Elephants Valley lies at the crossroads between the eastern and western zones of the Mengyang Tourism Area, at 747¨C1055 meters above sea level. The reserve is made up of low hills and small hillocks, with wide valley bottoms rich in waterholes that contain enough salt to meet the biological needs of the wild Asian elephant. The wild elephant groups that roam about in the protection zone between Mengla and Mengyu are designated as National Elephants, while those that roam about inside the Mengla protection zone are designated as International Elephants, as the latter often come and go across the China-Laos border.

The Wild Elephants Valley, with its dense forest and its rich variety of animals and birds, many of which are rarely seen outside a zoo, is one of the few places in the world where wildlife can be viewed in its natural habitat, where it is us humans who are "caged in", as it were, as we watch the wild animals and birds go about their daily lives with as little interference as possible from us humans, while still allowing us to witness these fantastic creatures in their natural setting. All of which makes Wild Elephants Valley something of an open-air museum, but an open-air museum with a difference: these creatures cavort about in their natural habitat, not in a man-made, city zoo habitat.

Xishuangbanna Travel to Wild Elephants Valley, Yunnan tour China trip

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