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Home >> Yunnan Travel Guide >> Chengjiang County >> Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake, ChengjiangFuxian Lake is located in the area connecting Chenjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning counties. It is about 60 kilometers from Kunming. The total area of Fuxian Lake valley is 1,084 square kilometers. Here, the land is fertile and abounds with various local products: rice, wheat, broad beans, tobacco and rape-seed. It is the well-known center of Yunnan tobacco in China. It is a glittering pearl in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau.

Fuxian lake has a shape of inverted gourd. It covers an area of 212 square km. With the deepest point of the 157.8 meters and the average depth of 87 meters, Fuxian Lake ranks the 1st in Yunnan and the 2nd in china in terms of depth, it is second only to the deepest lake in china - the volcanic crater lake of Changbai mountain in northeast china. It is the 3rd largest lake in Yunnan Province (the largest lake in Yunnan is the Dianchi lake and the 2nd largest one is Erhai lake. Its total water capacity is 18.9 billion cubic meters which is 12 times of Dianchi lake and 6 times of Erhai lake.

It is a half-closed plateau lake, so the water of the lake comes from the surrounding streams and rivers, underground springs and rainfall. The lake is so clear that the deepest visibility can reach 12.5 meters. Thus the water quality of Fuxian Lake ranks the 1st in Yunnan and it is also one of the clearest inland fresh lake in China.

Fuxian Lake, Yunnan ChengjiangThe name of the lake -Fuxian- means to attract immortals. It is said that rocks resembling two immortals stand in the southeastern beach of the lake. It seems to indicate that the lake is so charming that everyone including immortals would be completely enchanted with it.

The main scenic spots around Fuxian Lake include Luchong village in the west, the Hot water pond in the east, Xiangbiling Hill in the north, Haimei river and Gushan island in the south.

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Fuxian Lake
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