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Home >> Yunnan Travel Guide >> Shangri-La >> Baimang Snow Mountain tourist guide

Baimang Snow Mountain

Baimang Snow Mountain in Shangri-La Yunnan
Baimang Snow Mountain
Baimang Snow Mountain, Yunnan
Baimang Snow Mountain in Shangri-La Yunnan

Baimang Snow Mountain is the biggest and the highest nature reserve in Yunnan province. The highest peak of the mountain is covered with snow all year around.

The area of 180,000 hectares surrounding the mountain is a nature reserve, where complete vertical sight of virgin forest and rare plants and animals could be found. Commonly, tourists climb the mountain from the Bengzilan of the Jinshajiang Canyon and go down the mountain from the mouth of wind and snow at 4,500 meters. From December to April, Baimang Snow Mountain was covered by thick white snow, the road doesn't open to the traffic, but pass freely in summer and autumn each year, thus summer is the best season to enjoy the spectacular view of the snow mountain.

The nature reserve is controlled by southwest monsoon and is influenced by the current coming from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the climate of the snow mountain has great difference in vertical, forming the typical multilevel climate, the temperature slows down gradually from south to north with the yearly precipitation is 6000 mm. Praised as the Kingdom of , the nature reserve of the Baimang Snow Mountain has the biggest virgin forest, which is a well preserved natural integration. Baimang Snow Mountain is praised as the Kingdom of Animals and Plants, Firs are the essences of the nature reserve, vast expanse of forest presents a spectacular view to tourists. The well-known eight famous flowers of Yunnan also can be found here.

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