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Kagebo Peak

Kagebo Peak in Meili Snow MountainKagebo Peak, located at an elevation of 6,740 meters, is the highest peak in Yunnan. Its meaning in Tibetan is "the white snow mountain". From the Feilai Temple 10km east of Deqin County in Diqing Prefecture, ranges after ranges of magnificent snow can be seen. That is the Meili Sown Mountains, on which there are thirteen peaks of over 6, 00 meters in elevation named Thirteen Taizi (Prince) Peaks, among which Kagebo Peak in the shape of a pyramid is the highest peak and overlooks others.

Kagebo Peak is the Tibetan Buddhist Holy Land where people go on a pilgrimage. The legend says that it is the protection God of Jiajuba, one branch of the Ningma religious sect, and ranks first among the eight sacred mountains in the Tibetan area.

In October, 1989, the tenth Panchen Lama, Great Master of Tibetan Buddhism, held a grand religious meeting in front of Kagebo Peak, and now a stone tablet and a pagoda stand there welcoming tourists. Also, at the foot of it, there are continuous glaciers and cirques known as the Modern Glaciers in the low latitude.

Kagebo Peak in Meili Snow MountainBecause of the precipitous massifs and perpetual snow, there are snow slides, dense fogs, heavy rain and fierce wind, and it is still a "virgin peak" which none has conquered. In January 1991, 17 Chinese and Japanese climbers died in an accident, and a monument was set up in front of the Feilai Temple for people to visit and ponder over the past.

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